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> Hi,
> We are having an cluster environment running on GFS2 + CTDB + Samba. Due to some unavoidable circumstances we were forced to hard reboot the server 2 to 3 times. After the 3rd time restart, everything worked fine without any issues. But after 4 to 5 hours online, we got a trigger stating File System consistency error in one of the GFS2 partition. Hard reboot of 2 to 3 times a server, whether it affects the GFS2 file system. Is that the file system is that much sensitive. Whereas we won’t have any issues in ext3/ext4 file system earlier in related scenarios. Can anyone revert on the GFS2 consistency and its recommendation to run in production environment.
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Hello Sathya,

If you are experiencing GFS2 withdraws you may be running into a bug , filesystem corruption, or both. If you have a Red Hat support contract I suggest opening a support case with Red Hat as soon as possible. When you open the support case you'll want to attach sosreports from all nodes (run the sosreport command on every node in the cluster and attach the resultant tarballs to the support case.) If you've hit a withdraw you are likely to keep hitting them and data loss or corruption is a tangible possibility; Red Hat support can help identify the source of the issue and provide relief.

If you don't have a Red Hat support contract then please reply to the thread with the kernel versions you are running on all nodes and the full withdraw message and call traces from the messages logs on the affected cluster. You'll be able to identify the withdraw easily in the logs. We'll want the withdraw messages which will include a pointer to the position in code where the error occurred and the nature of the withdraw. We'll also need the stack trace that follows the withdraw as it will allow us to understand the code path involved.


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