[Linux-cluster] CLVM/GFS2 distributed locking

Stevo Slavić sslavic at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 20:08:37 UTC 2011

Hi Digimer and Yvette,

Thanks for tips! I don't doubt reliability of the technology, just want to
make sure it is configured well.

After fencing a node that held a lock on a file on shared storage, lock
remains, and non-fenced node cannot take over the lock on that file.
Wondering how can one check which process (from which node if possible) is
holding a lock on a file on shared storage.
dlm should have taken care of releasing the lock once node got fenced,


On Fri, Dec 30, 2011 at 8:30 PM, yvette hirth <yvette at dbtgroup.com> wrote:

> Digimer wrote:
>  For GFS2, one of the easiest performance wins is to set
>> 'noatime,nodiratime' in the mount options to avoid requiring locks to
>> update the access times on files when you only read them.
> i've found that "noatime" implies "nodiratime", so both are not needed -
> unless GFS/GFS2 behaves differently than other fs's wrt this attribute.  if
> so, that would be good to know for certain.
> see here:  http://lwn.net/Articles/**245002/<http://lwn.net/Articles/245002/>
> the article didn't specify the filesystem...
> yvette
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