[Linux-cluster] Fence agent for Citrix XenServer / XCP

Diego Morales dgmorales at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 22:53:33 UTC 2011

I'm setting up some GFS clusters on top of Citrix XenServer (XCP is
its "free as in freedom" counterpart). And so I'm looking for some
fencing agents to use with that.

I did some googling and it seems that these do not support libvirt (at
least not "officially", not yet).  So I guess the use of fence_xvm or
fence_virsh may be tricky or even impossible.

What I expected to find was some fence_agent built using XenAPI.py
(that they support) or SSH'ing and using the xe command. Didn't find,
thought about doing it myself. But before that... probably I'm not the
only one using rhcs & friends on XenServer, so does anybody has some
nice pointers?

Thanks in advance,

Diego Morales

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