[Linux-cluster] Multi-homing in rhel5

Corey Kovacs corey.kovacs at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 10:49:18 UTC 2011

The cluster2 docs outline a procedure for multihoming which is
unsupported by redhat.

Is anyone actually using this method or are people more inclined to
use configs in which secondary interfaces are given names by which the
cluster then uses them as primary config nodes.

For example, on my cluster I have eth0 as the primary interface for
all normal system traffic, and eth1 as my cluster interconnect.

eth0 - nodename
eth1 - nodename-clu <-- cluster config points to this as nodes....

clients access the cluster services via eth0.

I've seen other configs where people configure the cluster to use eth0
for cluster coms so that ricci/luci work correctly, but I don't use

Is there an advantage of one method over the other ?

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