[Linux-cluster] want to use GFS2

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Just two cents, I believe Red Hat does support GFS2 on single server using lock_nolock, because we do SAN "snaps" of actively clustered GFS2 volumes (simple flatfiles, no databases) and present the snap luns to a media agent server to backup the data oob.  RHN was okay with that configuration and we have been running it this way on GFS and GFS2 for 5-years without issue.

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| Hi,
| You need to setup a simple cluster and a proper fencing mechanism . No 
| need to configure any services since you want to use GFS2 on both the 
| nodes.
| Start the cluster, mount the gfs2 by /etc/fstab entry.
| Note: You can't use GFS2 without a Cluster setup.
| Dominic


Well, technically you can use GFS2 without a cluster setup.
I believe Red Hat doesn't support it, and the storage can't be mounted by more than a single computer (with "lock_nolock"
locking protocol), but it can be done.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat File Systems

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