[Linux-cluster] Cluster with shared storage on low budget

Nikola Savic niks at logik-internet.rs
Tue Feb 15 13:14:42 UTC 2011

Gordan Bobic wrote:
> Something else just occurs to me - you mentioned MySQL. You do realize
> that the performance of it will be attrocious on a shared cluster file
> system (ANY shared cluster file system), right? Unless you only intend
> to run mysqld on a single node at a time (in which case there's no
> point in putting it on a cluster file system). 

  MySQL Master and Slave(s) will run on single node. No two MySQL
instances will run on same set of data. Shared storage for MySQL data
should enable easier movement of MySQL instance between nodes. Eg. when
MySQL master needs to be moved from one node to other, I assume it would
be easier with DRBD, because I would "only" need to stop MySQL on one
node and start it on other configured to use same set of data.
Additionally, floating IP address assigned to MySQL master would need to
be re-assigned to new node. Slaves would also need to be restarted to
connect to new master. Even without floating IP used only my MySQL
Master, slaves and web application can easily be reconfigured to use new
IP. Do you see problem in this kind of setup?


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