[Linux-cluster] Cluster with shared storage on low budget

Jeff Sturm jeff.sturm at eprize.com
Wed Feb 16 20:25:56 UTC 2011

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> Jeff Sturm wrote:
> > We actually resize volumes often.  Some of our storage volumes have
> > LUNs or more.  We have so many because we've virtualized most of our
> > infrastructure, and some of the hosts are single-purpose hosts.
> >
>   Can you please provide more information on how storage is organized?
>   Are you using SAN or local hard disks in nodes? Is there mirroring
of data and how is
> it implemented in your system?

To answer your questions, these nodes are paravirtualized under the Xen
hypervisor.  The physical volumes are kept on a central storage server
(commercial SAN appliance), organized into a clustered volume group by

Out of that volume group we have 30+ logical volumes, each of which are
simple filesystem images, mounted as the root filesystem on one of the
virtual hosts.


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