[Linux-cluster] MySQL MASTER->SLAVE agent?

Cleber Rosa crosa at redhat.com
Sat Feb 19 21:27:01 UTC 2011

On 02/19/2011 08:22 AM, Dan Candea wrote:
> On 19.02.2011 03:05, Cleber Rosa wrote:
>> On 02/18/2011 10:36 PM, Jakov Sosic wrote:
>>> Hi.
>>> Would it be possible to use the MySQL replication as a way of 
>>> achieving HA?
>>> When MASTER is down to take appropriate actions and declare SLAVE the
>>> NEW master, and take on IP address? Has anyone tested this kind of
>>> setup? Obviously, failback should be impossible and request manual 
>>> action.
>>> This would pose as a good solution for environments without shared
>>> storage and without DRBD.
>> Jakov,
>> Actually MySQL allows for MASTER<->MASTER replication. I've 
>> successfully deployed that on some 10 sites or so top of RHCS using 
>> nothing but a floating IP address for MySQL (plus other resources for 
>> other services).
>> Of course, you'd better keep an eye on MySQL's replication health 
>> when doing that.
>> CR.
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> you could try with ndb tables,  it's the mysql cluster engine

AFAIK this still requires a "data storage" node (which is centralized), 
but I may be totally outdated on the subject.

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