[Linux-cluster] Fsck on GFS2

Nicolas Ross rossnick-lists at cybercat.ca
Fri Feb 25 03:18:06 UTC 2011

Hi !

We are in the testing phase of our setup, and I had to grow a GFS2 
filesystem under RH6, wich was full. It didn't work because of a bug, so I 
deleted some files to make room, and the the grow worked, but still I 
couldn't write more data. So I took the FS offline and made a FSCK on it. 
And it took something like 2 and a half hours to complete. The FS is now 941 
gigs on on a 1.8 tb lvm on a shared raid rack (active storage), via a 4 gb 
fibre channel switch. It contains millions (I don't have an exact count, but 
3 might be a good estimate) files.

So is it normal for fsck on a FS that size to took so long? On our curent 
XSan setup, xserve-raid, older drives and 2 gb fc, for the same size and 
file count it takes about 40 or 50 minutes to complete. 

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