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[Linux-cluster] configuring bladecenter fence device

Hi all,

>From RHCS documentation, I could see that bladecenter is one of the
fence devices -

Table B.9. IBM Blade Center
Field 	Description
Name 	A name for the IBM BladeCenter device connected to the cluster.
IP Address 	The IP address assigned to the device.
Login 	The login name used to access the device.
Password 	The password used to authenticate the connection to the device.
Password Script (optional) 	The script that supplies a password for
access to the fence device. Using this supersedes the Password
Blade 	The blade of the device.
Use SSH 	(Rhel 5.4 and later) Indicates that system will use SSH to
access the device.

As per my understanding, IP address is IP address of management module
of IBM blade center, login/password represent credentials to access
the same.

However did not get the parameter 'Blade'. How does it play role in fencing?

In a situation where there  are two blades - Blade-1 and Blade-2 and
if Blade-1 goes down(hardware node failure), Blade-2 should fence out
Blade-1, in that situation fenced on Blade-2 should power off(?)
blade-2 using fence_bladecenter, so how should below sniplet of
cluster.conf file should look like? -

                <clusternode name="blade1" nodeid="1" votes="1">
                                <method name="1">
                                        <device blade="?????"
                <clusternode name="blade2" nodeid="2" votes="1">
                                <method name="1">
                                        <device blade="????"

In which situation fence_bladecenter would be used to power on the blade?

Your gratefully

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