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Re: [Linux-cluster] How to re-store my lost data

On Fri, Jan 7, 2011 at 2:36 AM, Luis Cebamanos <luiceur gmail com> wrote:
> Is a cluster with 16 nodes and I suspect the problem is in the head node:

> We were trying to install new hard drives to the system but something that
> we don't know went wrong and it ended up in almost 4 years of work lost!!!
> Please, let me know what else can I do to be able to get the data back!

You still haven't answered these questions

>> Please provide more details. Specifically, what file system?

If only ext3 is involved, and you're sharing it to other nodes from
the head node via nfs, then this list is probably the wrong place to

>> How did the
>> data loss occur (as best as you know)? What versions of what cluster
>> applications?

... and if you don't even know what cluster application you use, no
one will be able to help even if they want to.

>> What has been done since then? Where and how was the data
>> stored? etc.

... continuing the part of "how was the data stored", since you df
output only shows sda mounted, you can start by checking :
- how many disks you have
- are they all detected (e.g 4 disks usually show up as sda - sdd).
- do you use LVM
- how are the disks mounted. Is it through fstab, or does the cluster
takes care of mounting the resource as well

/etc/fstab and /var/log/messages should be a good place to start looking.

Simply saying "something that we don't know went wrong" won't be
getting you anywhere. If you think you need more expertise, getting
help from a local expert who can get hands-on to your servers and know
what to look for would be a good start.


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