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Re: [Linux-cluster] reboot to rejoin RAC cluster?

On Thu, Jan 06, 2011 at 12:01:32PM -0500, Morrison, Bradley A wrote:
> Q: Can I reboot one node in a two-node cluster and have it rejoin the cluster?

	You certainly should be able to.  You should not need a reboot
either if you just want to rejoin.

> I've a two-node cluster which recently had HBAs replaced on both cluster nodes.
> Node 1 was ejected sometime after its latest reboot, and now won't mount its OCFS volumes. The volumes' headers are verified from n1, i.e., it can see the volumes, but mounting fails. Restarting o2cb yields "modprobe: FATAL: Module ocfs2_stackglue not found."

	This sounds like a kernel configuration problem.  If you can't
load ocfs2_stackglue, you can't get the filesystem started.  What kernel
are you running?



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