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Re: [Linux-cluster] Error while manual fencing and output of clustat

Hello Parvez,

On Monday 10 January 2011 09:51:14 Parvez Shaikh wrote:
> Dear experts,
> I have two node cluster(node1 and node2), and manual fencing is
> configured. Service S2 is running on node2. To ensure failover happen,
> I shutdown node2.. I see following messages in /var/log/messages -
>                     agent "fence_manual" reports: failed: fence_manual
> no node name

I am not an expert, but could you show us your cluster.conf file ?

You need to give a "nodename" attribute to the fence_manual agent somewhere, 
the error message makes me think it's missing. 

For example :

                <fencedevice agent="fence_manual" name="my_fence_manual"/>
<clusternode name="node2" ...>
     <method name="1">
         <device name="my_fence_manual" nodename="node2"/>

> fence_ack_manual -n node2 doesn't work saying there is no FIFO in
> /tmp. fence_ack_manual -n node2 -e do work and then service S2 fails
> over to node2.
> Trying to find out why fence_manual is reporting error? node2 is
> pingable hostname and its entry is in /etc/hosts of node1 (and vice
> versa).  I also see that after failover when I do "clustat -x" I get
> cluster status (in XML format) with -
> <?xml version="1.0"?>
> <clustat version="4.1.1">
>   <groups>
>     <group name="service:S" state="111" state_str="starting" flags="0"
> flags_str="" owner="node1" last_owner="node1" restarts="0"
> last_transition="1294676678" last_transition_str="xxxxxxxxxx"/>
>   </groups>
> </clustat>
> I was expecting last_owner would correspond to node2(because this is
> node which was running service S and has failed); which would indicate
> that service is failing over FROM node2. Is there a way that node in
> cluster (a node on which service is failing over) could determine from
> which node the given service is failing over?
> Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Yours gratefully
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