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[Linux-cluster] Determining failed node on another node of cluster during failover

Hi all,

Taking this question from another thread, here is a challenge that I am facing -

Following is simple cluster configuration -

Node 1, node 2, node 3, and node4 are part of cluster, its
unrestricted unordered fail-over domain with active - active nxn

So a node 2 can get services from node1, node3 or node4 when any of
these(1,3,4) node fails(e.g. power failure).

In that event I want to find out which of the node has failed over
node2, I was invoking "clustat -x -S service name" on node2 in my
custom agent and was parsing for "last_owner" field to obtain name of
node on which service was previously running.

This however doesn't seem to be working in case if I shutdown node(but
works if I migrate service from one node to another using clusvcadm)

Is there anyway that I can find out which node has failed during
failover of service on a standby node? Any tool which I might have
missed or some command which I can send to ccsd to get this


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