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Re: [Linux-cluster] gfs2 v. zfs?

>I don't have any intention to start a flame and/or religion war.
>However, I'm hoping people could relax a little bit about this "rule",
>if it is a rule at all ... Check out:
>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Posting_style#Top-posting to see what it
>says. You may find it interesting.

No war to start:) I had always top posted as a kid before I started using
usenet and mailing lists. I was corrected and saw it was logical, also the
ways where in place long before I came along but they do make sense.

A few times I gave up helping as following along in a thread was too hard.
Not worth my effort...

>At the same time, I don't see comparing performance numbers between
>parallel filesystem and cluster filesystem is a bad practice.

Sure, so long as you know the use case and scenarios etc. Often we see
people doing things like exporting an ext formatted block dev w/ an iscsi
target to multiple clients, so maybe the knee-jerk reaction with an odd
comparo like that is an attempt to "inform". If that _actual_ comparison
is of value to you, so be it...

>The bottome line is "I
>have a storage box and I want to access it from different machines,
>which one is the best solution for me and lets get the capacity

Most of us would compare a cluster to a cluster, or an apple to an apple:)
I suppose you could phrase the question: "I need to export data, every
option is possible, I can cluster, or not, give me #'s" but we digress...

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