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Re: [Linux-cluster] fence_vmware_ng fails: SHELL_TIMEOUT not defined

you cannot find that values because upstream change patch
43872d098d9406fd09afd81e972188a728e1c7a3 removed them and replaced them by CLI options.

Take a look to http://sources.redhat.com/cluster/wiki/VMware_FencingConfig

2010-05-04: Fence_vmware in RHEL 5.5 is currently fence_vmware_ng (same syntax but named as fence_vmware) so fence_vmware_ng is ***no longer needed***

This *** no longer needed *** also means, you shouldn't use it because it's no longer developed by upstream. In other words, use fence_vmware.

It's very sad that vmware decides to change VI Perl API which causes problems.

Work *should* be in progress on creating vmware agent using directly vmware SOAP API, so even patching VI Perl shouldn't be needed in the near future.

Can you please send me which version of VI Perl Toolkit are you using?


Ofer Inbar napsal(a):
Marek Grac <mgrac redhat com> wrote:
They are set in the fencing library (lib/fencing.py) but various
fence agents needs different values. Those constants are described
on http://sources.redhat.com/cluster/wiki/FenceTiming

Problem is they're *not* set there, nor did I find any reference in
any documentation to the fact that they're supposed to be set there.
One thing I did when I first ran into this problem was:

# find / -type -f | xargs grep -l SHELL_TIMEOUT

... and similarly for POWER_TIMEOUT and LOGIN_TIMEOUT.

I found no useful hits, and none of these appear in
/usr/lib/fence/fencing.py.  That file is supplied by the cman
RPM, so I would've been reluctant to edit it anyway, because
I don't want to have to depend on running a locally patched cman,
and worry than any upgrade will break my patch.

However, fence_vmware_ng did not provide any guidance on setting
these, either.  So how is it ever supposed to work for anyone?

[As you can see from my last email on this thread, I gave up on
fence_vmware_ng when I found that fence_vmware works if I patch
the VI Perl Toolkit]
  -- Cos

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