[Linux-cluster] umount failing...

Corey Kovacs corey.kovacs at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 14:52:46 UTC 2011


I have a 5 node cluster serving out several NFS exports, one of which is /home.

All of the nfs services can be moved from node to node without problem
except for the one providing /home.

The logs on that node indicate the umount is failing and then the
service is disabled (self-fence is not enabled).

Even after the service is put into a failed state and then disabled
manually, umount fails...

I had noticed recently while playing with conga that creating a
service for /home on a test cluster a warning was issued about
reserved words and as I recall (i could be wrong) /home was among the
illegal parameters for the mount point.

I have turned everything off that I could think of which might be
"holding" the mount and have run the various iterations of lsof, find
etc. nothing shows up as having anything being actively used.

This particular file system is 1TB.

Is there something wrong with using /home as an export?

Some specifics.

RHEL5.6 (updated as of last week)
HA-LVM protecting ext3 using the newer "preferred method" with clvmd
Ext3 for exported file systems
5 nodes.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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