[Linux-cluster] kvm cluster ed guests and virtd fencing

Peter Sjoberg henahadu at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 04:12:47 UTC 2011

I have two KVM hosts with some clustered guests that I'm trying to setup
fencing for using fence_virtd and I wonder if this is even suppose to
work, that guest on one host tells the other host to kill it's guest.
I wonder if I need to add some qpid stuff for the two hosts to work

I have two kvm hosts, lets call them host1 & host2. 
Each hosts has a guest (guest1 on host1 & guest2 on host2) and this
guests will be clustered with each other.
The hosts normal network is internal only and originates on host
The guests have a separate DMZ network segment, and originates as
bridged on host eth1/br1, host has no ip on br1
The guests also have a private link between each other and originates on
host eth2/br10 (crossover cable between the two hosts).

To bypass multicast routing problems I have on the host side added an ip
to the private link and running /usr/sbin/fence_virtd set to listen to

The intent is that guest1 running on host1 should be able to fence by
telling host2 to kill guest2 but this doesn't work.
On the guest side I test this with "fence_xvm -o list" and I get a list
of all guests on one of the hosts, I expected combined list.
What host list I get depends, mostly I get same as the host I'm running
on or the first _virtd started.
I think the multicast part works because when I start fence_virtd on one
host (host1 or host2) I can issue "fence_xvm -o list" on all 4 nodes and
get the a list of guests from the host I started it on.

One other thing that fails is the killing part.
I start fence_virtd on host2 and then on guest1 I issue
 fence_xvm -H <UUID of guest2> -o restart
and it just returns "permission denied"

So, first of all, is it suppose to work and I just messed up my config
or do I need to figure out how to add qpid (or something else) to my

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