[Linux-cluster] How to achieve a service's "stickyness" to a "preferred" node in RHCS?

Ralph.Grothe at itdz-berlin.de Ralph.Grothe at itdz-berlin.de
Fri Jun 24 07:17:57 UTC 2011

Hello Clustering Gurus,

I need to have a service during normal operation (i.e. not during
relocation when loss of stickyness is ok and wanted) stick to a
preferred cluster node.
(n.b. this is only a two-node cluster)

In the redhat cluster admin guide (we're on RHEL 5.6) I think to
have read that such thing as a "preffered_node" or similar
attribute doesn't exist in the schema any more and that instead
one should define ordered="0" and restricted="0" failover domains
for the respective service as this would in effect result in the
wanted behavior.

Is this correct?
And how (e.g. a short cluster.conf XML example snippet would be
appreciated) would this have to be applied?


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