[Linux-cluster] info RHEL 6 Cluster Suite + File System

Martinez-Sanchez, Raul RMartinez-Sanchez at nds.com
Mon Jun 27 13:35:19 UTC 2011

Hi All,

I have a very generic question that somehow am unable to answer. In the past (RHEL 5) we have been deploying HA Clusters in the following manner: Two to four redhat nodes with the Red Hat cluster suite on them. As well all the nodes are attached to a SAN/Fibre infrastructure with two SAN Switches and two controllers per Storage Array. The storage array was presented to the cluster suite as a GFS resources  and services (Oracle) were making use of it by mounting the GFS resource and operating on it.

It is my understanding (maybe am wrong) that in RHEL 6 there is no GFS support as well as that GFS2 is not oracle certified and therefore cannot be used. So my question is how can we replicate the same structure/architecture on RHEL 6 if GFS/GFS2 cannot be used?
Apologies if this question is too simple but am just trying to get some more understanding on how we could proceed next.


Raúl Martínez Sánchez

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