[Linux-cluster] Service Recovery Failure

Shad L. Lords slords at lordsfam.net
Thu Jun 30 13:51:48 UTC 2011

On Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 11:57 PM, Rahul Borate
<Rahul.Borate at sailpoint.com>wrote:

> Two HA services running on node-1. If I unplug the cables for node 1 then
> those two services should transfers to Node-2. But node-2 did not take over
> the services.
> But if I do proper shutdown/reboot on node-1 then those two services are
> transferring to  node-2 without problem.
If you shut down a node then it leaves the cluster cleanly.  If you pull the
network on a node then the other node tries to fence it.  Nothing will
happen with the services the missing node "owned" until that node is
successfully fenced.

Node2: tail –f /var/log/message
> ...
> Jun 29 18:20:49 vm-idm02 fenced[1706]: fencing node "vm-idm01"
> Jun 29 18:20:49 vm-idm02 fenced[1706]: fence "vm-idm01" failed

This is where your issues is.  Because fencing failed the other node will
not take over any of the failed services.
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