[Linux-cluster] samba-cluster Issue

krishnanand gouri krishnanand.linux at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 08:20:28 UTC 2011


I have configured 2-Node cluster. Every thing is working fine even the fail
over cases also workign fine but i am facing a issue when ever I stop CTDB
service in server 1, the user are not able to acces samba share at all. even
after the CTDB IP is switched over.

But where as if at all i stop CTDB service in server2 the CTDB IP will
switch over to other server and the users are able to access the samba share

Why is it so happening only for server 1.

 Public IP's - /

Heart Beat Ip's : /

CTDB IP's - /

Please help in solving this issue....

Thanks & Regards
Krishnanand G
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