[Linux-cluster] Tripp Lite switched PDU fence agent; exists?

Rajagopal Swaminathan raju.rajsand at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 10:36:14 UTC 2011


On 3/17/11, bergman at merctech.com <bergman at merctech.com> wrote:
> The pithy ruminations from Digimer <linux at alteeve.com> on "[Linux-cluster]
> Tripp Lite switched PDU fence agent; exists?" were:
> Finally, I'd like to warn people away from using the TrippLite PDU model
> PDUMH15ATNET as a fencing device. While it seems to have nice features, it
> has
> a design choice that is a serious problem with fencing--when a command is
> given to power down an outlet, there is a "random" delay (observed to be
> about 17 to 35 seconds) before that command is executed. This has been
> acknowledged by TrippLite support as a design choice, with no option or
> setting
> to override this behavior.

This "powerfence" should come nowhere near a production cluster.

Such randomness can play havoc in the predictability of availability:
Just think two of those strips (A,B) used for each of the redundant
power inputs and they not being switched off together. can get _very_

Just my 2paise



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