[Linux-cluster] Attaching a service to a specific interface

Alan Brown ajb2 at mssl.ucl.ac.uk
Thu Mar 31 11:16:27 UTC 2011

carlopmart wrote:
> Hi all,
>  I have two rhel6.0 cluster nodes with five nic interfaces in each one. 
> Actually, I have one free interface without an IP in each one. Can I 
> assign a cluster service to this interface (service consists in one IP 
> and one script)??

Yes.... but....

You will need to configure an IP address on the interface that the 
service is going to bind to.

As long as there is an IP on the interface, assigning an IP to the 
service within the same network range (ip+netmask) will automatically 
bind to that interface (I assume there are no other interfaces already 
configured within the same network range, or all bets are off.)

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