[Linux-cluster] Announcing - RHCS2 on EL5, Xen, DRBD and rgmanager 2-node cluster tutorial

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I think you published an earlier version before.
Isn't it the time to introduce versioning, release dates and also list of deltas from version to version?

Mundane things, I know.  But if you want to make this a useful document for others they are all very necessary, I think.


Chris Jankowski

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Two years ago, I set out to learn clustering. I decided the best way to
ensure that I learned it properly would be to write down, as a tutorial.
I expect many warts to be found, but I think it is done enough to
"officially" announce it, in hopes that it might help others.

This tutorial shows how to build a 2-node cluster using Red Hat's
Cluster Service Stable 2, using rgmanager for resource management, DRBD
and Clustered LVM for shared storage, GFS2 for definition file storage
and Xen for virtualization.

The tutorial can be found here:


Anyone who has been around the #linux-cluster IRC channel has probably
heard me talking about this tutorial. I need to give a tremendous thank
you to many of the regulars in that channel. I've put a "thanks" section
at the end, but it is woefully short of all the people who have helped
me over the last two years. :)

Any and all feedback, particularly critical ones, are welcome and

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