[Linux-cluster] Corosync goes cpu to 95-99%

Nicolas Ross rossnick-lists at cybercat.ca
Fri May 20 14:12:10 UTC 2011

>>> Believe this is fixed in 1.3.1
>> Thanks Steven ... But is it released for rhel6??
> RHEL 6.1 has these problems resolved.  If you have problems with rhel6.0
> please open a support ticket.  There is no SLA for bugzilla/mailing
> lists, and I can't modify shipped RHEL 6.0.z packages without support
> tickets.

I am also observing this kind of beahviour. But at a different level. We 
have an 8 node cluster composed of dual quad-core xeon. I have now updated 
all the nodes to RHEL 6.1, cman is at 3.0.12-41.el6.

and from time to time, for no apparent reason one random node has a peak in 
cpu usage, where it's corosync that eats CPU for a minute or so. During that 
time services on that node responds very slowly and ssh shell access is very 
rough and slow as hell... 

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