[Linux-cluster] [Q] Good documentation about command line interface??

Digimer linux at alteeve.com
Mon May 30 15:34:30 UTC 2011

On 05/30/2011 11:30 AM, Kaloyan Kovachev wrote:
>> actually sends the fence command. I do know that it has to come from a
>> machine with quorum, and I do believe it is handled by the cluster
>> manager. It's not like pacemaker where a DC is clearly defined.
>> I'll try to sort out how the internals work and will let you know.
> Not sure where i got this information from (i think it was on this list),
> but for sure: the node with the lowest ID, which is quorate, will take the
> responsibility to call the fencing script

Indeed, you are right. :)

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