[Linux-cluster] checking syntax errors default_event_script.sl

Daniel Bourque dbourque at accuweather.com
Fri Apr 6 15:17:11 UTC 2012



  I'm working on adding load balancing via RIND. I discovered that not every events are passed to event scripts defined in cluster.conf, therefore I have to modify  /usr/share/cluster/default_event_script.sl . In order to not have to restart rgmanager all the time, I changed  /usr/share/cluster/default_event_script.sl so that it contains only this:

evalfile("/<mount point available on all nodes>/default_event_script.sl");

This allows me to change the main RIND script live.

the problem:

I would like to work be able to work a copy, and do syntax error checks via "slsh -t" before overwriting the live one. I can't simply do that because slsh doesn't find the definition for all the functions and variables used in default_event_script.sl. where are the libraries I need to include in my SLSH_PATH ?

Thanks !

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