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Thanks, I think by reading this i will be able to clear my concepts for requirement  ..

my goal is to replace VCS with redhat cluster, we have several servers running with Oracle, sybase, UDB  and some of the application resources .. ..

first to start with i am planning to configure 2 node cluster with shared SAN storage and test failover for mount points ....  below document looks to me something related to redhat virtual machines .. will i able to acheive what i want by reading this Document ( though what i understood is i will able to clear my concepts ).

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On 08/27/2012 11:47 AM, joshi dhaval wrote:
> Hello Experts,
> i am doing evaluation for redhat cluster in our environment, i am
> struggling with Installation of packages on RHEL 5.6, Can anyone suggest
> me what packages are required for RHEL 5.6 and any good document about
> cluster to start with ?
> i am bit confuse with fencing,, is that fencing is mandatory in redhat
> cluster ?
> Is this cluster is as reliable as VCS and any i/o or other comparison
> matrix available to check the product performance ?
> Regards, Dha


  First up, please upgrade to RHEL 6.3 if you can. It's much more up to
date and has a longer life going forward.

  Yes, fencing is critical. Without it, you cluster will hang (by
design) the first time a node fails.

  It's very stable, I've been running many RHCS clusters in production
for three years now.

  It's hard to make recommendations beyond this without knowing what
your goal is. I've got a tutorial on RHEL 6 for Virtual Machines
clusters that might help. There is a "concepts" section at the beginning
that talks generally about the various parts in the cluster that might
be particularly useful.




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