[Linux-cluster] Moving Physical extents from one PV to another in a clustered environement.

Hugo Lombard hal at elizium.za.net
Wed Dec 12 18:39:37 UTC 2012

On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 01:10:39PM -0500, Nicolas Ross wrote:
> Short question : How do I do it ?
> Longer explainaition : We got a VG with 5 PV located on a Fiber channel
> raid enclosure that is used to host GFS partiions among other things. I
> would like to move the extent for on LV from on PV to another within the
> same VG.
> When trying to do pvmove -n LVName oldPV newPV, I get :
> Cannot move in clustered VG VGa, clustered mirror (cmirror) not detected
> and LVs are activated non-exclusively.
> (VGa is my VG).
> So, I suppose I need to activate exclusively the LV to do so ? Is it
> safe to do it with clvmd ?

AFAICR on CentOS 5 I had to install cmirror and the applicable
kmod-cmirror, make sure the cmirror service was started, and then pvmove
did it's thing.

Hugo Lombard

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