[Linux-cluster] centos5 to RHEL6 migration

Terry td3201 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 23:39:37 UTC 2012


I am trying to gently migrate a 3-node cluster from centos5 to RHEL6.  I
have already taken one of the three nodes out and rebuilt it. My thinking
is to build a new cluster from the RHEL node but want to run it by everyone
here first. The cluster consists of a handful of NFS volumes and a
PostgreSQL database.  I am not concerned about the database.  I am moving
to a new version and will simply migrate that.  I am more concerned about
all of the ext4 clustered LVM volumes.  In this process, if I shut down the
old cluster, what's the process to force the new node to read those volumes
in to the new single-node cluster?  A pvscan on the new server shows all of
the volumes fine. I am concerned there's something else I'll have to do
here to begin mounting these volumes in the new cluster.
[root at server ~]# pvdisplay
  Skipping clustered volume group vg_data01b

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