[Linux-cluster] rhel 6.2 network bonding interface in cluster environment

SATHYA - IT sathyanarayanan.varadharajan at precisionit.co.in
Mon Jan 9 12:46:43 UTC 2012


That is weird. If you refer the logs which I had posted earlier, the server
initiate the fence only after this error message. And the network fail error
message is only on one server and not sure how it is not reflecting in the
other. The server which has the error message fences the other server.
Moreover on the error message, the link is getting down and is back on
within 2 seconds. Not sure where it leads to...


Sathya Narayanan V
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Am 09.01.2012 11:43, schrieb SATHYA - IT:
> Klaus,
> For your point the corosync network is not connected to the switch. 
> They are connected directly to the servers (server to server).

Ahh, then the going down of the bond is probably not a sign of a network
problem, it probably goes down when the other server is already down (fenced


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