[Linux-cluster] Clustered filesystem questions for shared storage on CentOS/vmWare/SAN

Wes Modes wmodes at ucsc.edu
Fri Jan 13 20:30:13 UTC 2012

I have some general clustered filesystem questions for you.  I'm wading
through the confusing and often contradictory web sources RE
clustering.  I struggled through the initial setup of the GFS software,
and am now working to create a shared GFS disk.  But all of this brings
up some general questions:

1)  First several online sources have pointed me to the Microsoft
Clustered Filesystem doc to set up my linux clustered FSs on vmWare. 
Though it deals with MSCS, I can see that it has some applicability. 
However, I have yet to find a step-by-step guide to linux clustered
filesystems.  Is there a better suited document to guide me thorough the
process of creating shared filesystems on CentOS/RHEL on vmWare across

2)  Is it necessary to create a private network for access to the shared
filesystem as the MSCS doc suggests?

3)  So far I've been looking at GFS because it is native to
CentOS/RHEL.  Is there a better non-commercial/free choice?

4)  Is there a clustered filesystem method that supports vmWare HA? 
This is important to us.

5)  Seems there at least three different methods to set up GFS (using
parted, using lvmconf, and using iSCSI).  If I go with GFS, which method
should I use?

Clustering seems to have a steep learning curve, but I'm laboriously
climbing the slope!  Thanks for your help.

Wes Modes
UCSC Library ITS

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