[Linux-cluster] Clustered filesystem questions for shared storage on CentOS/vmWare/SAN

Patricio A. Bruna pbruna at it-linux.cl
Fri Jan 13 22:26:56 UTC 2012

I used to use GFS for a while, but it has several requirements and some make it very inflexible. 
These days i'm all for GlusterFS (www.glusterfs.org) Gluster is a distributed filesystem, recently adquired by Red Hat. Gluster provides the main benefit of GFS, Cluster Filesystem, but without so many constrains. 

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> I have some general clustered filesystem questions for you. I'm
> wading
> through the confusing and often contradictory web sources RE
> clustering. I struggled through the initial setup of the GFS
> software,
> and am now working to create a shared GFS disk. But all of this
> brings
> up some general questions:

> 1) First several online sources have pointed me to the Microsoft
> Clustered Filesystem doc to set up my linux clustered FSs on vmWare.
> Though it deals with MSCS, I can see that it has some applicability.
> However, I have yet to find a step-by-step guide to linux clustered
> filesystems. Is there a better suited document to guide me thorough
> the
> process of creating shared filesystems on CentOS/RHEL on vmWare
> across
> boxes?

> 2) Is it necessary to create a private network for access to the
> shared
> filesystem as the MSCS doc suggests?

> 3) So far I've been looking at GFS because it is native to
> CentOS/RHEL. Is there a better non-commercial/free choice?

> 4) Is there a clustered filesystem method that supports vmWare HA?
> This is important to us.

> 5) Seems there at least three different methods to set up GFS (using
> parted, using lvmconf, and using iSCSI). If I go with GFS, which
> method
> should I use?

> Clustering seems to have a steep learning curve, but I'm laboriously
> climbing the slope! Thanks for your help.

> Wes Modes
> UCSC Library ITS
> Programmer/Analyst

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