[Linux-cluster] crm issue

Gilad Abada ga at steadfasttelecom.com
Sun Jan 22 19:19:41 UTC 2012

Hi Guys

I am new to the world of clustering.

I am working on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64 bit and im running into a weird issue.

When I am in crm -> configure after I type primitive if I try to tab
anything out it doesnt work. It seems like its frozen.

The only way to get out is to CTRL + C.

Also this may be a related issue if i go to crm -> configure -> edit
and actually make an edit, I am trying to add:

primitive drbd_disk ocf:linbit:drbd \
        params drbd_resource="disk0" \
        op monitor interval="15s"
primitive fs_drbd ocf:heartbeat:Filesystem \
        params device="/dev/drbd/by-res/disk0" directory="/mnt" fstype="ext3"
ms ms_drbd drbd_disk \
        meta master-max="1" master-node-max="1" clone-max="2"
clone-node-max="1" notify="true"
colocation mnt_on_master inf: fs_drbd ms_drbd:Master
order mount_after_drbd inf: ms_drbd:promote fs_drbd:start

then I :wq!
and it freezes again and i have to CTRL + C

I am hoping its a bad config issue on my side?

Also if anyone has any good links for n00bs on clustering with ubuntu
please send them along this is pretty overwhelming.

Thanks so much!!


Gilad Abada

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