[Linux-cluster] Node can´t join already quorated cluster‏

Javier Vela jvdiago at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 13:50:13 UTC 2012

In the lvm.conf I have in volume_list the name of the vg_qdisk so this
volume group should be available to both nodes at the same time.

My volume_list in lvm.conf:

volume_list = [ "vg00", "vg_qdisk", "@node1-hb" ]

volume_list = [ "vg00", "vg_qdisk", "@node2-hb" ]

Moreover with the comand lvdisplay I can see that the lv is available to
both nodes. But maybe is worth to try another qdisk without lvm.

> Hi.
> Since you have HA-LVM, are you using volume tagging ? I noticed that your
> quorum disk belongs to a volume group vg_qdisk and I think when the first
> node that will activate the volumegroup will not allow the second node to
> activate the volumegroup because of volume tagging, so remove the
> quorumdisk from the volumegroup and just use it as a physical volume.
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