[Linux-cluster] how to add NFS mount shell script

Ben .T.George bentech4you at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 05:42:28 UTC 2012


I created 2 node NFS cluster with RHEL6. my current status is file System
mounting and NFS services are working well

If the cluster service is started on NODE1, i need to mount one of the NFS
directory on NODE2

i created a script and added last on my Service group. I did password less
ssh between these nodes and on script i put below entry

ssh node2 mount  /local

where is my cluster resource IP.

The problem is when i start the service, cluster is failing.even i tried to
mount on NODE1 instead of NODE2. ath that time cluster started, after
sometime it's failing

please help me solve this.Is any custom script will do this thing for me.?

Thanks & Regards,
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