[Linux-cluster] HA LVM won't strip tags

urgrue urgrue at bulbous.org
Tue Sep 18 13:26:43 UTC 2012

Using tag-based HA LVM. If NodeA loses access to the disks, it's
naturally unable to strip the tags out.
NodeB will not recover the service because the tags of NodeA are in the
VG. Even though NodeB can fully communicate with the NodeA, quorum is
established, etc.

Question 1) couldn't I somehow set up NodeB to fence NodeA and strip the
tags? This is what it does if it thinks NodeA is offline, anyway.

Question 2) How can I recover most gracefully from this? I'm stuck in a
situation where NodeB has access to disks but refuses to activate them
due to the tags of NodeA being there.
I can manually remove the tag, or I can fence NodeA myself and then
NodeB will happily declare "I can claim this volume group" and survive.
The former is a little scary in terms of potential human error, while
the latter is awful since other services might be successfully still
Any better options out there?

Thanks in advance.

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