[Linux-cluster] cluster.conf not being propagated to all nodes

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Tue Dec 24 19:55:05 UTC 2013

That does seem to indicate an issue with luci then. Have you opened a 
rhbz bug?



On 24/12/13 02:09 PM, Neale Ferguson wrote:
> It pushed out correctly from cnode2.
> ________________________________________
> Log into a node, manually edit cluster.conf to increase
> config_version="x", save and exit, run 'ccs_config_validate' and if
> there are no errors, run 'cman_tool version -r'. Enter the 'ricci'
> password(s) if prompted. Then on both nodes run 'cman_tool version'. If
> the returned version is the new one you set, then the config pushed out
> successfully and it would indicate that luci is the problem.

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