[Linux-cluster] PowerEdge R610 idrac express fencing

Michael Mendoza michaelux at gmail.com
Thu Feb 20 00:30:52 UTC 2014

Good afternoon.

We are trying to configure 2 dell R610 with idrac6 EXPRESS in cluster with
redhat 5.10 x64.

For testing we are using the command fence_ipmilan. We can ping idrac on
the remote host.

fence_ipmilan -a X.X.X.X -l usern -p xxxx  -t 200  -o status  -v   <-- works

fence_ipmilan -a X.X.X.X -l usern -p xxxx  -t 200  -o reboot -v

The problem is the server reboot, but while it reboot the idrac6 reboot
too. so the host A after 120 seconds aprox lost connection and get the
follow message.

> Spawning: '/usr/bin/ipmitool -I lan -H 'X.X.X.X' -U 'usern' -P '[set]' -v
> -v -v chassis power on'...
> Spawned: '/usr/bin/ipmitool -I lan -H 'X.X.X.X' -U 'usern' -P '[set]' -v
> -v -v chassis power on' - PID 10104
> Looking for:
> 'Password:', val = 1
> 'Unable to establish LAN', val = 11
> 'IPMI mutex', val = 14
> 'Unsupported cipher suite ID', val = 2048
> 'read_rakp2_message: no support for', val = 2048
> 'Up/On', val = 0
> ExpectToken returned 11
> Reaping pid 10104
> Failed

cman version is CMAN-

however I have other host with centos 6.4 and CMAN3.0... and the connection
is not lost. I run the same command, the server reboot as well as idrac,
the ping is back and the ipmi connection is not lost..

 am I doing something wrong? I used the -t and -T option even 300 / 400 and
it doesnt matter, the connection is shut after 120secounds. in centos work
fine. ( I already opened a case with redhat and am waiting answer.)

--Michael Mendoza--
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