[Linux-cluster] RHCS guest cluster on OracleVM

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Wed Jan 15 18:34:35 UTC 2014

I really need to finish that... consider that tutorial a "work in 
progress" please.

Yes, fence_xvm is specific to libvirtd/virsh. If you can use 'virsh' to 
manager oracleVM, then it will work.

If it's a unique hypervisor though, then you will need to write a fence 
agent to handle it. I know nothing about OracleVM though, so I am only 

On the good side, if there is no existing fence agent, they're fairly 
easy to write. I could answer any specific questions if this was needed, 
I've written a few myself (and that's an indication of how easy it is, 
as I'm a sysadmin, not a programmer :) ).


On 15/01/14 09:29 AM, emmanuel segura wrote:
> you can use fence_xvm, in internet you can find many how-to
> https://alteeve.ca/w/Fencing_KVM_Virtual_Servers
> 2014/1/15 Paul Lambert <paul.lambert at mac.com <mailto:paul.lambert at mac.com>>
>     Don't ask why - I know its crazy but ...
>     Can anyone assist in configuring fencing of RHCS cluster nodes on
>     OracleVM.
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