[Linux-cluster] 2 node cluster questions

Benjamin Budts ben at zentrix.be
Fri Jan 17 14:01:22 UTC 2014


Found my problem


When running cman_tool status I saw that each node  only saw 1 node. 

I have 2 pairs of network on each machine (heartbeat network 1gbit multicast
enabled/application network 10Gbit) with their own host mapping in


I used the the non-heartbeat hostname to add nodes into cluster via luci
which caused issues.


Removed luci & /var/lib/luci on nodes, as well as cat /dev/null

Reinstalled luci, created cluster, added 2 nodes with correct hostnames,
problem solved.


Could anyone point me to a good guide for using cluster lvm ? 






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On 01/16/2014 06:04 PM, Benjamin Budts wrote:


Hey All,



About my setup :


I created a cluster in luci with shared storage, added 2 nodes (reachable),
added 2 fence devices (idrac).


Now, I can't seem to add my fence devices to my nodes. If I click on a node
it times out in the gui.


So I checked my node logs and found in /var/log/messages ricci hangs on
/etc/init.d/clvmd status


When I run the command manually I get the PID and it hangs.



I also seem to have a split brain config :


# clustat on node 1 shows : node 1 Online,Local

                                                    Node 2 Offline


# clustat on node 2 shows : node 1 offline

                                                    Node 2 online, Local



My next step was testing if my multicast was working correctly (I suspect it
isn't). Would you guys have any recommendations besides the following redhat
multicast test link ? : 






Some info about my systems  :



.         Redhat 6.5 on 2 nodes with resilient storage & HA addon licenses

.         Mgmt. station redhat 6.5 with Luci




Thx a lot

Hard to say what issue is based on this without checking fully logs, can you
please open case via Red Hat customer portal https://access.redhat.com ( I
assume you have valid subscription ) so we can take deeper look into this

Thank you in advance, 

Kind regards, 

Elvir Kuric,Sr. TSE / Red Hat / GSS EMEA / 
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