[Linux-cluster] need advice on configuring service groups

Benjamin Budts ben at zentrix.be
Tue Jan 21 08:33:07 UTC 2014


Hey guys,


I’d like your advice on configuring my defined resources optimally as well
as the last man standing configuration (howto somewhere  ?)


In a nutshell :


·         I have 2 nodes (with a quorum device)

·         I use redhat 6.5 with luci

·         It’s a coldfailover setup, so only 1 node will have the floating
ip + all services


The question I have is basically, should I configure 1 global service group
that contains all of the stuff I described down here ? Only 1 node is
supposed to run all the services.


At the moment I even configured the clustered enabled volume groups as
resources, as well as their filesystem. It seems to work, but a bit
excessive no ?


Configuring the filesystems as resources, might that not be enough ?


I will have to install the application on both nodes because of libraries
etc...  But I’m a bit confused on how to present the application lun.

Should I present 2 separate application luns to each node or install the
application on both nodes and only share the 1st nodes application lun to
both nodes.



Thx for clearing this up guys


Here some info :


Service 1



·         Samba + vg_share ( -c y ) + ext4 filesystem coming from a netapp
lun ß lun visible to both nodes, multipathing enabled


Service 2



·         Tomcat, a custom database, some applications (all dependencies of
one another to make application work)

·         3 vg’s for : db index, db archive logs, application logs ß all
visible to both nodes, vg’s have been created with –c y and all have ext4 FS



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