[Linux-cluster] Clusterbehaviour if one node is not reachable & fenceable any longer?

emmanuel segura emi2fast at gmail.com
Wed Jan 29 15:25:55 UTC 2014

i think is really hard help you with this kind of infomartion

2014-01-29 Nicolas Kukolja <nicolas.kukolja at gmail.com>

> Hello,
> I have a cluster with three nodes (rhel 5.5) and every server has an
> ipmilan-module configured as fencing device in my cluster-config.
> Now, if one of the nodes is not reachable and its fencing device is not
> reachable, too, then the other two nodes try to fence this node again and
> again... without stopping it.
> Only when this node is reachable (& fenceable) again, the fencing proceeds
> sucessfully and the cluster service moves to another node.
> Why does the service not move to another node earlier? I think, its a
> common error scenario, that one node and its fencing device are not
> reachable maybe due to power problems e.g.
> How do I have to change the cluster configuration to retrieve my expected
> behaviour?
> Thanks in advance for any suggestions...
> Kind regards,
> Nicolas
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