[Linux-cluster] Clusterbehaviour if one node is not reachable & fenceable any longer?

Nicolas Kukolja nicolas.kukolja at gmail.com
Wed Jan 29 17:42:13 UTC 2014

Digimer <lists <at> alteeve.ca> writes:

> 99% of the time, I agree totally. Logs and configs are super helpful. In 
> this case though, I am pretty sure I know exactly what's happening. :)
> digimer

Thanks for the explanation, digimer. You got exactly what I mean an what 
happens.  Unfortunately, that was, what I was afraid of...

The three nodes in my scenario are located about 200km from each other.
If one of the nodes with all infrastructure around it (PDUs, Switches,
IPMI...) is not reachable any longer because of a power outage or a full
network outage at this location, switching a PDU is not possible, too...

That would mean, that in this (very probably) case, the cluster will not
help me?

Do you have any suggestions, what I can do to workaround this case?

Kind regards,

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