[Linux-cluster] fencing debugging ipmilan/idrac

Benjamin Budts ben at zentrix.be
Thu Jan 30 13:51:36 UTC 2014


I didn't debug in the end, but got it working by disabling LANPLUS option in
Luci -> Fencing devices -> iDRAC, less secure but it's a private vlan


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On 28/01/14 08:27 AM, Benjamin Budts wrote:
> Gents,
> How can I see the exact command that is sent my ipmilan/idrac 
> interface from the active node trying to fence the other one ?
> I have a DELL R610, tried configuring idrac as fencing but I get an 
> error, now I tried via ipmilan but still errors.
> Webinterface works fine, telnet is not enabled but ssh is.
> Increased debug loglevel of fenced, but still can't see the exact 
> command that is sent to fence
> JAN 28 12 :13 :04 fenced Fencing node2.test.local
> JAN 28 12 :13 :09 fenced fence node2.test.local dev 0/0 agent 
> fence_ipmilan result: error from agent
> Thx
> Ben

If you paste your cluster config, it's pretty easy to convert that to the
command line call. The attributes have matching command line switches (the
man page should cover them). As for Dell, I believe you need to add an
attribute to tell it what prompt string to look for (not 100% on that

If you can sort out the 'fence_ipmilan .... -o status' command that works,
we can help you fairly easily convert it to the cluster config version.

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