[Linux-cluster] Two-node cluster GFS2 confusing

Le Trung Kien kienlt at mbbank.com.vn
Mon Jun 16 11:43:33 UTC 2014

Hello everyone,

I'm a new man on linux cluster.  I have built a two-node cluster (without qdisk), includes:

Redhat 6.4

My cluster could fail-over (back and forth) between two nodes for these 3 resources: ClusterIP, WebFS (Filesystem GFS2 mount /dev/sdc on /mnt/gfs2_storage), WebSite ( apache service)

My problem occurs when I stop/start node in the following order: (when both nodes started)

1. Stop: node1 (shutdown) -> all resource fail-over on node2 -> all resources still working on node2
2. Stop: node2 (stop service: pacemaker then cman) -> all resources stop (of course)
3. Start: node1 (start service: cman then pacemaker) -> only ClusterIP started, WebFS failed, WebSite not started


Last updated: Mon Jun 16 18:34:56 2014
Last change: Mon Jun 16 14:24:54 2014 via cibadmin on server1
Stack: cman
Current DC: server1 - partition WITHOUT quorum
Version: 1.1.8-7.el6-394e906
2 Nodes configured, 1 expected votes
4 Resources configured.

Online: [ server1 ]
OFFLINE: [ server2 ]

 ClusterIP      (ocf::heartbeat:IPaddr2):       Started server1
 WebFS  (ocf::heartbeat:Filesystem):    Started server1 (unmanaged) FAILED

Failed actions:
    WebFS_stop_0 (node=server1, call=32, rc=1, status=Timed Out): unknown error

Here is my /etc/cluster/cluster.conf
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<cluster config_version="1" name="mycluster">
        <logging debug="on"/>
                <clusternode name="server1" nodeid="1">
                                <method name="pcmk-redirect">
                                        <device name="pcmk" port="server1"/>
                <clusternode name="server2" nodeid="2">
                                <method name="pcmk-redirect">
                                        <device name="pcmk" port="server2"/>
                <fencedevice name="pcmk" agent="fence_pcmk"/>

Here is my: crm configure show

node server1
node server2
primitive ClusterIP IPaddr2 \
        params ip= cidr_netmask=32 \
        op monitor interval=10s
primitive WebFS Filesystem \
        params device="/dev/sdc" directory="/mnt/gfs2_datastore" fstype=gfs2 \
        meta target-role=Started
primitive WebSite1 apache \
        params configfile="/mnt/nfs_datastore/httpd/conf/httpd.conf" statusurl="http://localhost/server-status" \
        op monitor interval=40s \
        meta target-role=Stopped
primitive WebSite2 apache \
        params configfile="/mnt/gfs2_datastore/httpd/conf/httpd.conf" statusurl="http://localhost/server-status" \
        op monitor interval=40s \
        meta target-role=Started
colocation webfs-with-ip inf: WebFS ClusterIP
colocation website-with-webfs inf: WebSite2 WebFS
order webfs-after-clusterip inf: ClusterIP WebFS
order website-after-webfs inf: WebFS WebSite2
property cib-bootstrap-options: \
        dc-version=1.1.8-7.el6-394e906 \
        cluster-infrastructure=cman \
        stonith-enabled=false \
        no-quorum-policy=ignore \
        expected-quorum-votes=1 \
rsc_defaults rsc-options: \
rsc_defaults rsc_defaults-options: \
op_defaults op_defaults-options: \

I don't have any glues to trace down this case, I just guess this problem comes from locking file system, please suggest me some advices.

Thank you.
Kien Le.

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