[Linux-cluster] Two-node cluster GFS2 confusing

Le Trung Kien kienlt at mbbank.com.vn
Tue Jun 17 04:07:21 UTC 2014

Hi, here is my dmesg after failed:

GFS2: fsid=: Trying to join cluster "lock_dlm", "mycluster:web"
dlm: Using TCP for communications
GFS2: fsid=mycluster:web.0: Joined cluster. Now mounting FS...
GFS2: fsid=mycluster:web.0: jid=0, already locked for use
GFS2: fsid=mycluster:web.0: jid=0: Looking at journal...
GFS2: fsid=mycluster:web.0: jid=0: Acquiring the transaction lock...
GFS2: fsid=mycluster:web.0: jid=0: Replaying journal...
GFS2: fsid=mycluster:web.0: jid=0: Replayed 1 of 1 blocks
GFS2: fsid=mycluster:web.0: jid=0: Found 0 revoke tags
GFS2: fsid=mycluster:web.0: jid=0: Journal replayed in 1s
GFS2: fsid=mycluster:web.0: jid=0: Done
GFS2: fsid=mycluster:web.0: jid=1: Trying to acquire journal lock...
GFS2: fsid=mycluster:web.0: jid=1: Looking at journal...
GFS2: fsid=mycluster:web.0: jid=1: Done
hrtimer: interrupt took 4149483 ns
dlm: closing connection to node 2
dlm: closing connection to node 1
GFS2: fsid=: Trying to join cluster "lock_dlm", "mycluster:web"
dlm: Using TCP for communications

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> Hi,
> I don't have an active support contract with Redhat right now. And try 
> to work around with Redhat cluster to understand the solution first.
> I followed the steps guide from clusterlabs.org, configure cluster using:
> CMAN, Pacemaker (of course there is rgmanager in 6.4 but I don't know 
> how to use it right now because I'm in the middle of messing thing 
> from start)
> I think the problem was from GFS2 because, with a NFS (no locking) has 
> no problem with my cluster at all. This problem just come when I 
> configure a shared GFS2 for my cluster.
> Thank you for your concerns :)


Do you see any kernel messages in dmesg or on the console, after the failure?


Bob Peterson
Red Hat File Systems

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