[Linux-cluster] Node is randomly fenced

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Wed Jun 18 18:32:39 UTC 2014

On 18/06/14 02:20 PM, YB Tan Sri Dato Sri' Adli a.k.a Dell wrote:
> Hi,
> The linux clustering will be only working perfectly if you run the linux
> operating systems between nodes. Allow root ssh persistent connection on
> top of same specifications hardware platform.
> To perform test or proof of concept, you may allow to run and configure
> between two nodes.
> The databases for clustering will be configure right after the two nodes
> linux operating systems run with persistent root access ssh connection.
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You have said this a couple times now, and I am not sure why. There is 
no need to have persistent, root access SSH between nodes. It's helpful 
in some cases, sure, but certainly not required. Corosync, which 
provides cluster membership and communication, handles internode traffic 
itself, on it's own TCP port (using multicast by default or unicast if 

There is also nothing restricting you to two nodes. It's a good 
configuration, and one I use personally, but there are many 3+ node 
clusters out there.

As for a database cluster, that would depend entirely on which database 
you are using and whether you are using tools specific for that DB or a 
more generic HA stack like corosync + pacemaker.


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