[Linux-cluster] Online change of fence device options - possible?

Vasil Valchev vasil.val at gmail.com
Mon Jun 23 18:09:48 UTC 2014


I have a RHEL 6.5 cluster, using rgmanager.
The fence devices are fence_ipmilan - fencing through HP iLO4.

The issue is the fence devices weren't configured entirely correct -
recently after a node failure, the fence agent was returning failures (even
though it was fencing the node successfully), which apparently can be
avoided by setting the power_wait option to the fence dev configuration.

My question is - after changing the fence device (I think directly through
the .conf will be fine?), iterating the config version, and syncing the
.conf through the cluster software - is something else necessary to apply
the change (eg. cman reload)?

Will the new fence option be used the next time a fencing action is

And lastly can all of this be performed while the cluster and services are
operational or they have to be stopped/restarted?

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